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All sales are in U.S. funds

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Welcome to my website, Deb Paints Whimsy with me,  Deb Mishima, where I will be sharing my love of whimsy with you.  I.have been desiging and painting for around 5 years now and have become known for my whimsical style and soft palette.  I am a Member of DecoArt Americana Helping Artist Program and am featured often in Pixelated Palette and Painting World Magazine.  I have my own facebook group called, Deb Paints Whimsy, where you will often find me giving lessons.  I believe art soothes the soul and we need to spend more time enjoying all the wonders of life and focusing on the positive.   

Patterns and Classes

You will be able to find e-patterns, original pieces for sale and zoom classes in my shop.  If you require a paper pattern, please let me know.  There is a small fee for printing and mailing costs will be added onto the price.  Thank you.  

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                                   E Patterns, Packets, Original Painted Pieces, Zoom Classes and More
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